Pennies drop for Lottery winner after chance remark in pub

John's daughter Emma joined him to accept his cheque from Lottery operator Camelot.
John's daughter Emma joined him to accept his cheque from Lottery operator Camelot.

When Forfar man John Bowman checked his lottery numbers last Sunday he was delighted to find he had won £10,000 in the previous evening’s draw and went to his local for a celebratory pint.

It was when he made a passing remark to a friend in the pub that he would have expected more for matching six numbers that he realised that all was not as it seemed. His friend checked the numbers on his phone and said he thought John had made a mistake, and suggested he check the ticket again.

Speaking to the Dispatch and Herald this week, he said that he had been “overwhelmed” to find that he had actually scooped the £10million jackpot.

He said: “I’d left the ticket in the house so we went round and he looked at it and checked the numbers on TV, and then just burst into tears. His first reaction was to tell me that I’d better phone my daughters. I had to check it a few times and it eventually sank in, and then that was the next thing I did.”

John’s daughters Emma (26), who lives in Edinburgh, and Lisa (28), who lives in London, were naturally thrilled at the news.

He continued: “They were just numb but delighted - then said I should get out because the media would be on top of me, so I left on Monday.”

The same day John, 59, also resigned from his job of 40 years with local firm Ramsay Ladders, which followed a stint playing professional football for St Johstone.

He said: “I phoned in and asked to speak to the guy I worked with and he was delighted for me. I said I was almost 60, had worked there for 40 years and felt that I’ve done my time.”

John’s immediate plans involve spending time with his daughters to fully grasp his change in circumstances, followed by a short holiday. He also intends to share his good fortune with family and friends.

He continued: “We just need to get everything straight in our heads. I’ll be back in Forfar at some point to get things sorted out, but don’t know when.

“I’m just happy to be able to help my daughters. They both stay in expensive cities, have huge rents to pay and that will be sorted out. I’ve got friends who have been very good to me in the past and I promised one, who helped me when I was struggling, that if I won the lottery we’d go to the Monaco Grand Prix and that’s what we’ll do. This won’t change me as a person. I’m not into lavish stuff. I’ll look for somewhere nice to stay and somewhere abroad where my family can go and enjoy themselves.”