Partnership discussion on a range of issues

MEMBERS of the Forfar and Area Partnership had a great deal to discuss at their July 25 meeting, issues ranging from the mailing list to a wind farm proposal.

The Partnership had been asked to provide some thoughts on a review of polling districts and polling places for Angus’ voters. After a discussion on potential venue and boundary changes, the Partnership agreed two suggestions to be put forward to the council.

Following this, the Partnership had a discussion on a separate consultation, this time on the potential locations for additional grit bins. As the timescale for responses for the second consultation is further into August, members agreed to consider it in more detail, before agreeing suggestions at the next meeting of the Partnership.

The Forfar and District Local Community Plan was also discussed and members agreed to go through the plan in more detail at the August meeting, by which time members will have been able to access a copy in their own time.

The Partnership were pleased to note that a number of Partnership priorities and actions have been included in the Plan.

They also considered a proposal from a member to consider the establishment of a musical project in the town targeted at 12 to 21 year olds over the summer months.

A similar project called the SummerSlam in Dundee proved successful and popular among participants. The Partnership agreed to consider this in more detail over the next few meetings once more information is available on costs and other issues.

The Partnership had been asked to facilitate a presentation from Smithy House Associates and ENERTRAG on a proposal for a windfarm near Douglastown. After some discussion the Partnership agreed to invite these groups to the August meeting and were particularly interested in the proposed Community Liaison Group.

Following a consultation exercise and discussions with a number of agencies, a Friday Night Project Steering Group has been established and has identified potential support for a project in Forfar. A costed proposal is to be put together and considered at the next meeting of the steering group in August.

The Partnership were pleased to report that the Gala Week had been a success, despite inclement weather at stages on Gala Day.

Those involved in the event were keen to see a repeat in 2012 and the Partnership were happy to begin discussions on this, potentially with involvement from the Rotary Club who organise the Marafun.

The Forfar Fairtrade Forum welcomed Martin Rhodes of the Scottish Fairtrade Forum to their most recent meeting.

Martin was able to share information and details of initiatives from across Scotland and was impressed with the progress made in Forfar so far, so much so that Martin has asked to use some of the Forfar information and material as part of a national publicity campaign.

The Forum were happy to report that a new delicatessen in the town will be using Fairtrade products, thereby strengthening their position in seeking Fairtrade Town status.

They will host a stall at the next Farmers Market in Forfar, continue to liaise with the schools in the town and have plans for additional events in the near future.

The Forfar and Area Partnership exists to work on projects and events which improve the quality of life of the people of Forfar and surrounding area.

Involvement and participation is welcomed from all, either individually or as a representative of another group in Forfar.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact Jeanette Gaul on 01307 464698 or Lee Haxton on 01575 576941 or

The next meeting of the Forfar and Area Partnership is taking place on Monday, August 22 at 7pm in East & Old Parish Church.

Future meetings are scheduled for Monday, September 26, Monday, October 31 and Monday, November 28.