Pacific Rim is well worth a miss

Pacific Rim movie
Pacific Rim movie

Guillermo Del Toro’s latest venture into an alternate universe is hollow, frustrating and lacks everything, really.

There was a time when giant robots fighting monsters in a battle to save the human race was cool. That time has passed.

There is nothing here that hasn’t been done before, there is no dialogue that hasn’t already been said, there are no special effects that haven’t been seen in other films.

It is empty of everything.

There are much better ways to spend two whole hours than sitting in a cinema watching Pacific Rim. An asthma attack or root canal without anaesthetic both sound much more appealing to me.

In fact, on arrival, instead of paying extra for 3D glasses, we should be administered with a vial of morphine just to get through the pain.

That plot can be summed up in a few words – monsters rise from sea, attack mankind, humans fight back with robots and win. The End.

Please take your £7 entry fee, go to your local video shop and buy Godzilla, Predator, Cloverfield or just any film in a bargain bucket. Just don’t go and see this.