Outrage at road closure

BUSINESSES and residents in Tealing were shocked last week to receive just a few days warning of the closure of the main road through the village to Auchterhouse and the Sidlaws, which will be shut for six weeks for widening on a sharp bend (writes Janet Thomson).

The first most people heard of it was when council notices appeared just days before the work was originally due to start on Monday, February 20.

The work was deferred to allow for the school bus provider to organise new routes Community Councillor and business woman Sandra Burke, said: “The road affected is the only direct route to the A90 for those living and working on the west side of the village. We are shocked Angus Council’s roads department made no contact whatsoever with the community council or involved local residents, the school, parents, farmers or businesses to consult or plan for the works.

This seems to fly in the face of everything Angus Council says publicly about how well in tune it is with its communities and is made worse by the fact we now hear the works have been under consideration for seven years. We’ve had parents with children at the school, farmers and other residents on the phone asking what’s going on.

One farmer takes sheep to market every week in Forfar and now faces a 12 mile detour into Dundee and back up north.”

She spoke of the confusion for international delivery drivers, most of whom are foreigners and use sat nav, Many of the lorries are large articulated rigs which will be difficult to turn.

She said: “Had local farmers been consulted and given proper notice, other arrangements could have been made in advance.

“We understand that there’s been a flurry of phone calls and complaints to the council since the notices went up, but they are saying there’s no scope to delay the works because the money must be spent in this financial year.

“If that’s the case why didn’t they consult with the Community Council six months ago? As a Community Council we feel very badly let down by Angus Council over this and want local people to know that we were simply not in on the plans.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The council apologises for the late notification of this work starting.

“The project to widen and resurface the carriageway, along with road realignment and work to retaining will significantly improve this route, and we will now progress it as quickly as possible.

“The cost of the project is £60,000 and it is scheduled to run until April 6. The diversion is A90 Forfar to Dundee/Emmock Road, Dundee/U322 Myreton of Claverhouse to Balnuith/C6 Tealing to Auchterhouse.”