Operation tackles domestic abuse

Tayside Police and its partners have launched Operation Linchpin 4, an initiative that runs over the festive season and is aimed at tackling the perpetrators of domestic abuse, as well as making sure that the right support is given to victims of domestic abuse.

Building on the positive multi-agency work undertaken during past Linchpins and year to year, this season’s operation presents an opportunity to for Tayside Police to place a determined focus on this issue at a time of year when there is a historical rise in the reporting of domestic abuse.

Detective Chief Inspector Gordon Milne said: “There are a small but nonetheless significant number of people who wrongly believe that violence, including domestic abuse, is normal – acceptable even.

“The desire to dominate or control a partner is rarely a one-off event, with research continuing to show that individuals are frequently subjected to numerous incidents before seeking help and support, initially from the police and then from other support networks.

“I want to send out a clear message from Tayside Police that domestic abuse is not acceptable in whatever form it takes – be it physical or emotional.

“Those who mete out this dreadful behaviour on those closest to them should be in no doubts as to the vigorous manner in which Tayside Police will deal with them. We will act decisively. You will be arrested and treated as the violent criminal you are. I also wish to make it clear to the victim’s of such behaviour that there is a route out of this cycle of abuse.

“Help is available, as no one should ever be subjected to bullying, harassment or even physical assault at the hands of another, let alone someone they know, trust and may have once loved in the confines of their own home.”

Domestic abuse impacts on individuals, physically or emotionally, not just on the immediate victim but also on those around them, including children and other family members. It is rarely a one off event and the harm caused can be irreparable. No one should suffer in silence and Tayside Police would urge anyone who suffers domestic abuse to contact them immediately. The matter will be thoroughly and sensitively investigated. and partner agencies are readily available to offer support and assist in dismantling this cycle of behaviour.