Open prison goes up for sale

NORANSIDE open prison will be placed on the market by the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) following closure at the end of October.

It was announced earlier this year that Noranside would cease to function on October 31 with all prisoners being moved to Castle Huntly near Dundee.

An SPS spokesman said: “We are looking for someone to market the Noranside site.

“When we close the prison we won’t have any further use for the site, so we want someone to help us dispose of it.

“It is quite a big site, but the prison buildings are actually a very small part of it - most of it is arable farm land.”

A number of proposals have been put forward since redevelopment discussions began in 2009 including an institute for the over-60s, a young offenders’ open prison, a site for life prisoners as part of their pre-release programme or a female open prison.

The spokesman added: “We’d like to dispose of the site as timeously as possible, however, given its location in the countryside it could take time.

“Prisoners will have been transferred to Castle Huntly by the end of October.

“Staff can relocate and express a preference for where they want to go, or they might wish to take voluntary severance. That process is nearing completion now.”

All proceeds from the sale of Noranside will go to SPS funds.