Open meeting on wind farm plans

MEMBERS of Kirriemuir Community Council, at their most recent meeting, were given a short presentation on the proposed wind farm at Carrach Hill, Kingoldrum, by Kirriemuir.

The presentation was made by Graeme Richardson and Alister Lang, who explained that they would welcome feedback from members of the local community on the proposals.

There wil be a further opportunity for input from the local community when a second public meeting is held in Kirriemuir Town Hall on Wednesday, April 20 from 2 pm.

Ogilvy’s Close: The community council is continuing to investigate the ownership of the right-of-way in central Kirriemuir known as Ogilvy’s Close.

They are particularly keen that the southern end of the close be tidied up and it was agreed to write to the Co-op headquarters in Manchester in a bid to move things froward.

Play park: Audrey Ireland reported that several parents had complained of broken bottles in the new Peter Pan play park on Kirrie Hill.

There were also concerns that there were no barriers to prevent dogs from fouling the area.

Councillor Ian Mackintosh said that gates were being considered as was the possibility of CCTV.

Operation Dry Up: Constable Pam Colvin explained that the lighter nights could lead to an increase of incidents of under-age drinking in the open air.

She encouraged parents to play a role in tackling the problem by establishing the whereabouts of their children in the evenings and keeping a tab on how they are spending their pocket money.

Bogus callers: Constable Colvin urged householders, especially the elderly, to be on their guard against bogus callers, who claim to represent legitimate organisation or companies.

Any concerns should be reported to the police on 0300 111 2222.

She also urged residents to look at security issues surrounding gardens and garden sheds following recent incidents in the Arbroath area.

Tools, ladders and garden furniture should be safely stored away, she advised.

Reports of household fuel thefts have been on the increase in recent weeks and this is something else the local community should be on their guard against, reporting any suspicious activity to the police.

Parking at Schools: Complaints are regularly received by police in relation to inconsiderate and dangerous parking around schools in Angus.

Constable Colvin urged parents to play their part in keeping children safe by parking appropriately and obeying keep clear signs.

A number of drivers have been warned about their parking habits outside local primary schools and the police won’t hesitate to ticket those who continue to flout the law.

Den wall: John Howe reported that the recently repaired wall in the Den has been vandalised and the remains of the wall thrown into the burn. Councillor Mackintosh agreed to look in to the matter.

Barrels: The floral barrels at the various entrances to Kirriemuir were now in place, thanks to the efforts of a number of community councillors, led by John Howe.

Chairman Roland Proctor thanked all those who had played a role in this project, designed to enhance the entrances to Kirriemuir.

Hill route: Audrey Ireland reported that boulders from a damaged wall on the path from Hill Rise to the Hill was blocking access to the Hill. Councillor Mackintosh agreed to raise the matter with the appropriate council department.

Next meeting: The next meeting of Kirriemuir Community Council will take place on Wednesday, April 27 at 7.30 pm in Fairlie House.