One-way confusion

DESPITE a public consultation, signs and press reports warning it was about to happen, the re-introduction of a one-way system in Castle Street on Monday caught several drivers unaware.

Shopkeepers and pedestrians at the foot of Castle Street watched a steady stream of motorists driving northwards from the Cross to the Brechin Road, meeting traffic travelling southwards head on.

Horns were tooting, “friendly advice” was offered to those going in the wrong direction, and the council stepped in to erect barriers at the junction of the Myre in an attempt to steer traffic in the right direction.

Traffic is still able to enter Castle Street from East and West High street at the Cross, but it is diverted away from Castle Street by either Queen Street, Myre Road, or the east leg of the road round the Municipal Building.

Traffic exiting Canmore Street can either turn along Castle Street to the Cross, or northwards towards the Brechin Road.

Vehicles exiting from Manor Street at the Castle Street junction have to turn right.