Old mine recovered from beach at Arbroath

AN old world war two mine has been recovered from a beach to the west of Arbroath.

Tayside Police along with HM Coastguard and a team from the Royal Naval Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit based at Faslane carried out a joint operation on the foreshore at Elliot near to Arbroath on Saturday.

About 2.55 pm a member of public, who had been walking on the beach, found what she believed to be an old mine.

A cordon was put on around the object and the EOD team arrived on scene at 7.15 pm.

On examining the object, EOD confirmed that it was a Type GY* German buoyant mine left over from World War Two.

The EOD team checked the mine and confirmed that it was extensively corroded and inert although some of its component parts were still attached.

No controlled explosion was required and the mine was removed for disposal. The beach was reopened at 9 pm.