Ogilvy clan history recorded in new book

Pic credit Angus Council.
Pic credit Angus Council.

Three Angus castles are among almost 30 that feature in a new book written by a German descendant of the Scottish Ogilvy clan.

Buckhart William Ogilvie, born in Cologne, Germany, has just finished his book ‘A history of the Clan Ogilvy in Scotland, its castles and its houses’ and recently agreed a publishing deal with Finavon Print and Design.

Airlie Castle, Cortachy Castle and Inverquharity Castle are those included by Buckhart that will perhaps be the most noteworthy for local people, but the list of those covered in the book also features the likes of Balfour Castle, Findlater Castle and Powrie Castle.

It has been a labour of love for Buckhart, who first started looking into his family history in 1964, when he was working as a student librarian in Cologne.

He first visited Scotland two years later and in 1968 he was able to meet the Earl of Airlie.

Buckhart acquired an excellent knowledge of the clan’s history through the years and in 2002, he led 26 German Ogilvies through Scotland, telling them the history of all the places connected with their clan.

One of them told him to write the stories down, because they would be otherwise lost in the future, and after his retirement in 2006 Buckhart began putting all the information together.

The book’s preface, which like the entire book is written in both English and German, reads: “As a descendant of an Ogilvie who came to Germany in about 1665, the family chronicle seems to me so interesting and important that I am working eagerly to make it more complete.”

The name Ogilvie belongs to a glen north of Dundee in the county of Angus. In 1172 this glen was granted to Gilbert, third son of the Earl of Angus who adopted the name of the area as his surname.

It is expected that the book will be printed and published in two months’ time.

For more information contact ogilvie@gmx.de.