Officers commended

FOUR Tayside Police constables have been honoured with the Chief Constable’s Commendation at the recent awards ceremony in Forfar.

Police Constable Diego Batard, Police Constable Rod Hamilton, Police Constable Innes Morrison and Police Constable John Peddie received their awards following an incident of assault in Forfar’s East High Street on Sunday, October 24 last year.

Arriving at the scene, the officers found that the man responsible for the incident had already made off. However, as they were making enquiries, the man returned.

As Constables Batard and Hamilton approached to question him regarding the assault, the man produced a large knife and swung it at the officers, striking Constable Batard on the hand.

The man ran off from the officers, who chased him to an area where a crowd had gathered.

From within the crowd, the suspect grabbed another man, held the knife at his throat and threatened to stab him if officers approached. Constables Batard, Hamilton, Morrison and Peddie remained calm and spoke with him, doing their utmost to ensure the safety of all members of the public.

The opportunity arose and the officers deployed their CS incapacitant spray and police batons to disarm the man and arrest him.

Constables Batard, Hamilton, Morrison and Peddie showed considerable bravery when dealing with a volatile and dangerous individual.

As a result of their calm and professional actions, the matter was brought to a safe and successful conclusion.