North Street resident calls for action

A NORTH Street resident is insisting that something is done to stop the damage which she says is regularly carried out on property in the area.

Shawnee Milne is becoming increasingly frustrated by the damage which she claims occurs after Club One has closed its doors on Friday and Saturday evenings.

She said: “There has been damage done to cars including the wing mirrors being torn off, last weekend a car window was smashed and one of my neighbours has had a Sky dish ripped from the wall.”

Despite claims that she has contacted Tayside Police about the incidents she says that nothing has been done to sort the problem out. She said: “We contacted the police and were told to make an appointment, which we did, and they never turned up.

“When we contacted them again to question this they said that the matter has been dealt with – which it has not.

“They said they are patrolling the area but I’m getting a bit fed up of nothing being done.”

Ms Milne says that she has been aware of the problem in the year since moving into her flat towards the East High Street end of the street but also says that neighbours tell her it has been going on much longer.

She said: “I’m happy here but I don’t like that things are getting damaged all the time and it is happening every weekend now.”

Ms Milne also claims that she has contacted Club One but was told that the security staff only have a certain radius which they can operate in.

Inspector Ally Robertson of Tayside Police said: “We would welcome any meeting with any member of the community and it’s important that we have feedback.

“As an Inspector I think it is important to have increased visibility and I’m a big believer in having my officers walking about on the streets.

“We have a partnership with traders and I’m really happy with how well Pub Watch is doing so far.

“I myself, believe in engaging with the public in a positive way not only to reduce the likes of vandalism but also to ensure people’s safety.

“As for Club One itself I make sure all available officers are down there and we encourage people to take taxi’s or go home together.

“We make sure to walk up North Street with them to the areas they live in until we are happy that we have cleared the streets.

“The sergeants and myself are red hot about this and there is not a discernable rise in vandalism. However, we are never complacent and we do understand the big impact vandalism can have so it is high up in our list of priorities.”