The ditch which has been dug at the Orchardbank Business Park, opposite Guide Dogs.
The ditch which has been dug at the Orchardbank Business Park, opposite Guide Dogs.

The leader of Angus Council has noted with regret steps taken by the local authority to protect areas of public land.

The Forfar and Kirriemuir areas were targeted by a number of travellers last summer who set up camp on Common Good and local authority land.

One group towed their caravans through the Lilybank playpark to camp out on land owned by the Strangs Mortification Trust, before court action forced them off.

They then set up camp at the Orchardbank Business Park opposite the 
Guide Dogs.

Travellers also set up camp near the football pitch in the Forfar Loch Country Park and another camp was established on the grassed area adjacent to the car park on the north side of the loch.

Local residents were left upset and frustrated by the actions of the travellers with reports they were defecating in public.

Once they moved on the council was left to clear up their mess with bags of rubbish and other items lying around.

In recent weeks visitors to the Reid Park have noticed bollards and hoops have been put in place at the entrances.

Large boulders have been placed at the Lilybank play park and on the entrance to a field just off the A90 at the Glamis Road turnoff.

The latter was the location used by one group of travellers for months.

Commenting on the work councillor Gaul said: “I don’t welcome the steps that have been taken by the council but I recognise we need to take such measures. They have been put there to stop all unauthorised access, which includes travellers.

“It would be better if we didn’t have to take such measures and we could all live in harmony and not abuse what is there.

“It is bloody annoying that this has to come out of the council purse at a time when services are being cut.”

Although no official comment was available from the council, a spokeswoman confirmed work had taken place at a number of sites.

It included: ditch work and boulders at the Orchardbank Business Park in Forfar, at the Brechin Business Park and the Forties Road Business Park in Montrose.

A gate has been installed at Orchardbank and a fence repair was carried out to reinstate the one torn down along from Astute.

Three bollards and one fixed post have been erected in Graham Crescent and two ground fixed ‘hoops’, one bollard and one fixed post have been installed at Greenacre Park between Old Halkerton Road and Maviscroft.

Two hoops and one bollard have been erected at Langlands Park; one height restrictive barrier and two fixed posts at the Market Muir; one bollard at Lordburn Park Reid Park, five bollards, eleven hoops and one fixed post at the Reid Park and boulders have been placed at the entrance to the field as you come off the A90 (Glamis junction).