‘Nightmare’ left in Langlands Park

The pile of earth which has been left in Langlands Park after drainage work was carried out in the park.
The pile of earth which has been left in Langlands Park after drainage work was carried out in the park.

A Forfar resident has questioned work which has been done in Langlands Park in the west end of town, stating Angus Council has left a “nightmare” which is causing upset to elderly residents.

The resident of Briar Grove contacted the Dispatch on Monday morning to explain the council has “made a bit of a shambles” in the park, creating “a nightmare”.

He had contacted the council to enquire about the state of the park, to be told they had “forgotten” to budget for re-seeding the ground.

He said: “It appears the council has run out of money. They have obviously not thought about it and we have ended up with a mess.

“We have now got a huge trench, a moat of black earth stretching the length of Langlands Park. Kids are now playing on it on bikes, turning it into a mire.

“I have nothing against kids playing in the park but it is becoming an eye sore. It is like a trench, something similar to that at the front of Hadrian’s wall or a moat on a castle. It’s unbelievable what they have gone and done.”

He claimed he was informed money had not been set aside for re-seeding the park, and whilst the area had originally been fenced off, the contractor had removed the fencing which has now left a huge area for children to play on.

He continued: “They have created a large mound of earth at the rear of Andrew Smyth Gardens which the kids are playing on on bikes. It is just at the back of where old people live. This is a lack of consideration for old people. This is a total lack of planning, preparation and supervision - the lot.

“I know the Dispatch is always dealing with local issues - believe me - this is local issue, I am not exaggerating.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Angus Council has been undertaking drainage work in Langlands Park recently to prevent any future recurrence of flooding which took place two years ago during the very severe winter.

“Now that the excavation and drainage work is complete, the area will be reinstated and the ground re-seeded at an early stage.

“Budgets have been allocated for both the drainage and reinstatement work.”