Nigel Don supports Fair Trade

Angus North & Mearns MSP Nigel Don turned out to visit a stall set up by Forfar Fair Trade Forum at the Cross a week past Saturday.

Local campaigners were highlighting the need to pay producers a sensible price for their goods. They also displayed a range of products carrying the Fair Trade logo.

Mr Don said: “No-one likes paying too much for food and other goods, but if we pay too little, we risk driving producers out of business or leaving them in poverty. Then the prices go up again.

“Fair Trade is an entirely sensible idea and I strongly support the efforts of Forfar Fair Trade Forum to make Forfar a Fair Trade Town.

“There are already 61 towns in Scotland with Fair Trade status or at the very least a Fair Trade steering group. At the same time, the Scottish Government is actively working to win Fair Trade status for Scotland.”