New uses for prison site

ON THE Forfar Dispatch Facebook page this week we asked you what you think the Noranside Prison site should be used for after the facility closes in October (see front page).

Two readers suggested that it would be an opportunity to make something for children in the area.

David Swan said: “A summer camp for kids to have fun and learn things to do.”

Meanwhile, Heather Murray thought that a ‘Boot Camp’ type set up for kids who are getting themselves into trouble would be a good use for Noranside.

Others felt that the site would be a good place to put leisure facilities to benefit the local area.

Bob Fleming said: “We need a new swimming pool or cinema - saves having to go to Dundee all the time.”

Jennifer Wilton agreed, she said: “A new leisure centre and pool - we need one!”

She added: “A cinema would be good but what about getting to the area, would we get more buses? We don’t all have cars so it wouldn’t be much better than going to Dundee.

“A shuttle bus would be better with booking in advance and this would also work for the leisure centre and pool it is no use having these luxuries if we can’t afford to get to them.”