New look and new aspect to Doorstoppers initiative

Sergeant Stephen Barr, Peter Lennon and Councillor Iain Gaul.
Sergeant Stephen Barr, Peter Lennon and Councillor Iain Gaul.

People are being urged by Angus Council’s trading standards service to stay safe in their own homes by saying a firm “no” to cold-calling doorstep traders.

The council refreshed its Doorstoppers project this week with the introduction of new door/window stickers.

Householders are encouraged to display the stickers which tell unwanted doorstep traders to go away – those who do not are committing a criminal offence and consumers should report them to the council’s ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778 or at any ACCESS office.

Launched in 2005, Doorstoppers involves a number of voluntary and statutory organisations. Angus Council’s Trading Standards Service and Police Scotland lead the initiative with support from Angus Care and Repair, Angus Neighbourhood Watch, Angus Council’s Neighbourhood Services and Social Work and Health.

It creates zero tolerance areas for cold calling to tackle Doorstep crime such as bogus callers; distraction theft, where the householder is distracted by any means to allow accomplices entry into property, aggressive salespersons; rogue traders and suppliers of substandard or non-existant goods or services.

The new stickers are being introduce to comply with new criminal legislation and can be used to create a potential offence, meaning that if a householder receives an unwanted visit, and a sticker is displayed, the uninvited salesperson may have created an offence by approaching the door.

Councillor Iain Gaul, council leader, said: “This is the fourth week of Scam Awareness Month and with the focus on doorstep crime, it is an ideal opportunity to refresh our Doorstoppers project.

“Angus Council is committed to protecting our citizens from doorstep callers who scam, cheat, steal and intimidate – especially our more vulnerable and elderly, who should be left in peace in their own homes to enjoy life.

“Doorstoppers highlights, and helps combat, the problem of doorstep sellers who prey on these vulnerable consumers by raising awareness of the problem and providing practical help and information on the many ways in which consumers can protect themselves from rogue traders on the doorstep.”

Stickers will be available from ACCESS offices, ACCESSLine and libraries.