New hope for civic pride in estate

Residents in the Easterbank area of Forfar are hoping they can join together to implement a number of improvements for their area.

As they announced the formation of a new residents’ association, the committee spoke of their hopes that its creation will bring residents together to tackle a number of issues.

Committee Group.

Committee Group.

Top of their list is more facilities for the younger members of the community, to get children off the streets and into a safe playing environment.

By creating opportunities for the youngsters, they hope to instil a sense of pride in the area which in turn will have a knock on effect.

Following a community appraisal in May 2013, the new residents group has been established, covering Easterbank, South Street, Swallowcroft and Kings Road. The group is going by the name of ESSKRA.

It was formed following a couple of public meetings at the Forfar Fire Station, which identified a number of key issues and concerns among residents in this area of the town. These issues include dog fouling, car parking; garden maintenance, the telephone kiosk at the Easterbank/South Street junction and the lack of facilities for kids living in the area. The group has a few ideas about how to tackle these and has organised its first full meeting to discuss how they can take this forward. This-meeting takes place on Thursday, October 3 at 6.30 p.m. in the Fire Station and all residents are welcome. To date, the group has been successful in arranging for improved fencing at the electricity substation; has started discussions with BT regarding the telephone kiosk; and has worked with Angus Council to identify the best locations for two new bins in the estate.

The 14 strong committee has elected a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer to make sure the group works well together. It has had and will continue to receive support from Angus Council, Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

ESSKRA chairperson, Mitch Murray welcomed the creation of the group, saying: “This is a really positive development for the local community and the

level of interest and support has been excellent. The group is hopeful that this support will continue in the long term to allow us to make a positive difference

in the estate.”