New guide to help trace family histories

Angus Heritage has published a new, free booklet providing a one-step guide to tracing ancestors in the local area.

‘Tracing Your Family’s History – Angus & Dundee’ provides an easy-to-follow guide on how to trace a family tree and uncover the stories behind the names and dates on the tree by using local, national and online resources.

Although the advice contained within the guide is largely applicable to tracing any Scottish family, the booklet provides in-depth information about finding out more about families or ancestors with a connection to Angus or Dundee.

The booklet also highlights the wealth of family history resources – and easily-accessible advice - available throughout Angus and Dundee, such as the Angus Archives, the local registrars and Dundee Family History Centre.

Another section focuses on the area’s many museums and places of interest which can provide an insight into the lives of past generations, whether farm labourers, rich land owners, seafarers or jute workers.

The publication also features inspiring stories from people from far and near who have found out more about their family’s story by visiting the area where their ancestors lived.

There are tales from a Canadian with his roots deep in the soil of Glamis, an Australian singer whose grandfather nine times removed is buried in an Angus kirkyard and a Dundee man who discovered his family may actually be from the Isle of Skye, via the Angus Glens.

‘Tracing Your Family’s History – Angus & Dundee’ will be available at the Tayroots Family History Day at Arbroath’s Webster Theatre on Sunday, April 6. The free event will feature expert talks from leading genealogists and historians, as well as opportunities to seek family history advice from family and local history experts, archivists and family history societies, and has been organised as part of the Tartan Day Scotland Festival Homecoming weekend.

For more information about the Tayroots Family and Local History Day, and to book places for the talks, visit or call 01307 473226.