New Fair Trade guide for Angus

Provost Helen Oswald and the new Fair Trade guides for Angus.
Provost Helen Oswald and the new Fair Trade guides for Angus.

A NEW guide gives Angus people information on how they can support farmers, workers and producers in the third world.

Angus has been at the forefront in promoting Fair Trade for the past decade, encouraging support for Fair Trade through the wider community and local businesses and Angus has been recognised as a Fair Trade Zone.

Launching the guide Angus Provost Helen Oswald paid tribute to the hard work carried out by communities across the county to promote Fair Trade.

She said: “The success of Fairtrade across Angus is largely thanks to the commitment of those communities who have worked tirelessly towards ensuring that farmers and producers in developing countries receive a fair deal.

“Across the county, individuals, communities, schools and private businesses, have been promoting the positive effect that buying Fair Trade in Angus can make to communities around the world.”

The guide, which was produced by Scotmid Co-operative, is available at premises across Angus including libraries, ACCESS Offices and retailers. It is also available, along with lots of other info about Fairtrade, via the council’s website at