Needles risking children’s safety

Debbie Carnegie and her son T-Jay are pictured in one of the areas where needles have been found.
Debbie Carnegie and her son T-Jay are pictured in one of the areas where needles have been found.

A Forfar mother has said her children’s safety is at risk after finding hypodermic syringes and needles discarded near her flat.

Debbie Carnegie also said she is now afraid to let her nine-year-old son and six-year-old daughter out to play near her Viewmount home after needles have been found there four or five times over the last few months, the most recent being last week.

She continued: “It’s the fourth or fifth time my children have discovered needles over the past year around my area, not only my children but my neighbours’ children also.

“On one occasion they found a bottle containing four needles with sharps. They have been found directly outside the front door and often in the drying area out the back. The first time my daughter picked one up and we told her not to. She did a second time but she knows now to come and tell us.

“It’s the school holidays and I can’t really stop them from going out to play but I continually worry when I do.”

Although she had contacted both the police and Angus Council, Debbie criticised the advice she said she had been given.

“On the occasions that I have phoned the police or the council nothing has been done or I have been asked to discard of the needles myself, which I find ridiculous.

“My daughter is six and my son is nine they should be able to play in a safe environment.”

Both Angus Council and Police Scotland emphasised that no-one should try to deal with syringes or needles themselves due to the risk of infection but should call Angus Council’s Accessline on 08452 777778 to arrange collection and safe disposal. Outwith office hours and at weekends the police should be contacted. Anyone who injured by a needle should not suck or rub the affected area, but should gently squeeze the surrounding skin to promote bleeding and then wash the area using soap and water and seek medical help urgently.