Music for baby Aela

A STAR IS BORN: Graeme, Maylee and baby Aela with the CD handed out by the Registrar.
A STAR IS BORN: Graeme, Maylee and baby Aela with the CD handed out by the Registrar.

A FORFAR baby has become the first to receive a specially-commissioned CD.

‘Astar’, Gaelic for journey, is a collection of Scottish songs, nursery rhymes and favourite classical pieces. It will be given to every single child born in Scotland from October 15 this year until October 14, 2013, when their parents register the birth and receive their birth certificate.

This has never been done before and has been commissioned as part of the Year of Creative Scotland.

Aela Mason was born on Thursday, October 11, and her birth was registered on Monday, October 15. Her proud parents, Graeme (54) and Maylee Mason (39), received the CD and are thoroughly enjoying listening to the variety of music with their new addition.

Maylee said: “It’s been a great help as you can’t talk the whole time and it kills the silence. We have been using it throughout the day during bathing, chilling and playtime.”

The CD was recorded by the RSNO, RSNO Chorus and new Music Director Peter Oundjian to introduce music into the lives of 60,000 Scottish families to help parents learn, play and rest with their new arrivals.

Former STV golden girl, and mum of two, Sarah Heaney joined a group of toddlers from Suffolk House Nursery, Edinburgh to help launch the CD.

She said: “I think this is a wonderful project to be involved in and for our family, music has always played an enormous part. My kids, from day one, have been surrounded by music of some kind or other, from starting off banging pots and pans to taking part in musical groups.”

Maylee added: “My husband loves the traditional songs and we hope that she will grow up to be musical.”

Astar contains a variety of music cleverly organised into three sections: Wake, Play and Nap. The sleeve notes contain top tips for enjoying music with newborns, fun games connected to each track, and the lyrics to some of Scotland best loved nursery rhymes: ‘Ally Bally Bee’, ‘The Little Horses’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’.