MSP backs backs smoking campaign

MSP for Angus South, Graeme Dey, has backed a new national campaign which is encouraging people across the country to give up smoking, saving themselves thousands of pounds per year and massively reducing their chances of contracting serious illnesses such as cancer and coronary heart disease.

A new Scottish Government-commissioned survey suggests four in ten smokers are smoking at least 15 cigarettes per day, but only a quarter think that they are spending more than £1,750 a year on cigarettes – less than the average annual cost of smoking for a 15-a-day smoker of £1,916, suggesting many are underestimating the true cost of their habit.

Commenting, Mr Dey said: “You rarely meet a smoker who has not seriously considered giving up – but just haven’t found the incentive to do so.

“With the cost of buying cigarettes so high, the difference not only will be felt in terms of physical health, but in your purse or wallet.

“The latest figures make it clear that even smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day costs you close to £2000 per year – money which could go towards a holiday, a new car, or anything else for that matter.

“Quitting is always mentioned as a New Year’s resolution, but rarely do people succeed without targeted support.

“This national campaign is part of a drive to get people away from an expensive, very unhealthy habit and encouraging them to try sport or exercise, for example, as an endorphin-boosting alternative.

“We also have a wealth of outstanding food and drink produced in Angus, as we do across the country, which can play its part in a healthier lifestyle, and with major sporting events just round the corner in Scotland it is the perfect time to kick the costly habit into touch.”