MP shows support for dairy farmers

Angus MP Mike Weir attended the Dairy Summit at Westminster Central Hall last Wednesday and heard from dairy farmers across the country on the crisis facing the industry.

Mr Weir has now called the UK Government to provide greater support for dairy farmers who face crisis in light of cuts to the cost of milk.

Speaking after meeting dairy farmers from across the UK at a protest at Westminster, Mr Weir said: “The massive turn out at the event was testament to the worry and anger within the dairy industry. The hall was bursting at the seams with overflow rooms also packed. Representatives from all nations of the UK eloquently set out the crisis facing the industry.”

“The milk supply chain is not operating fairly and the UK Government must act to increase pressure on the major retailers and processors to provide producers with a return that properly rewards their commitment and reflects the cost of production.

“Scotland’s dairy farmers produce a high quality product for which they deserve a fair price. The cut of two pence per litre of milk due to be introduced in August will leave farmers at a loss, paying more to produce than sell. This is wholly unsustainable and threatens the future viability of the sector.

“While welcoming efforts encouraging the milk processors and producers to agree a voluntary code of practice to tackle current price imbalances I welcome the Scottish Government’s readiness, if they fail to act, to legislate.

“The summit gave farming unions and their members the opportunity to voice legitimate concerns over the future of their industry. With livelihoods at stake I fully intend to join them in putting pressure on the Government to act in the interest of ordinary working people, both buyers and producers.”