More police presence on Forfar streets?

LAST week Tayside Police pledged to have an increased visibility on the streets of Forfar.

We asked you if you had noticed a difference in the amount of police ‘on the beat’ and here are just a selection of your replies.

Hayley McInally said: “I have noticed a few more police vehicles going about but certainly not on foot. It would be a great idea for more police to be patrolling on foot but at the end of the day it all boils down to money.”

Linda Robb also mentioned this, she said: “I have noticed them going about in their cars but not on foot and if they did go about on foot a lot more it would maybe deter people from doing stuff a lot more.”

Chris Jamieson said: “If they are going to do something while on the beat then it will be good. But they promised to get rid of the junkies drinking and causing a nuisance at the Cross and at the Green Street park. Yet that hasn’t happened.

Caroline Hampton said: “You could have one hundred more on foot but the laws are so crazy that their powers are limited. The time and money that goes into any offence only to end with no justice is in itself criminal!”

Nicola Robb added: “It would be great to see them on beat. I think it would make people feel a bit safer.”