Mixed views on shopping in the locality

WE RECENTLY asked you what would encourage you to shop locally rather than with big supermarkets and chain stores.

While most of you said that you would prefer to shop locally where possible, convenience was a major factor in shopping at chain stores and supermarkets.

Quality of service received was also something that would encourage you to keep going to local shops.

Here are just a selection of your replies.

Chris Jamieson said: “We buy our flowers from Robbie & Nicoll because they are of better quality than the superstores.

“Also we buy most of our electrical equipment from Colin Smith’s. They might be a little dearer but I feel the service you get and the delivery guys are always very helpful. Plus, if you have anything wrong, they are happy to help.”

Caroline Hampton added: “Local shops, local suppliers, local employers, definitely the way to help the town is by helping each other but with a 30 minute maximum parking in town centre it’s simply impossible.

“Popping into a bank can take that length of time due to staff cuts, as can prescriptions, leaving no time to get your other bits and pieces, and lord help you if you have kids and prams to organise before you set off from your car, eating into your already short time frame! A parking ticket certainly makes your centre of town shopping a very costly experience.

“Convenience will always appeal and the big boys can provide it!”

Jenni Cameron said that price was also an issue, she said: “I always try and shop in local shops, but small shops just sometimes can’t beat the price of bigger chains for certain things!”

Jacqueline Gilchrist agreed, she said: “Price is the only thing that prevents me from shopping locally. I can’t afford it. If I could though, I’d happily switch.

“There’s something really nice about going into the local shops. Friendly faces, a sense of being part of a community, and knowing I’m helping local people in their business. Such a shame it costs too much to do it.”

Scott Hosie feels that local shops can offer so much more, he said: “I use my local butcher because they can provide the service and products that supermarkets don’t.”

Marley Laurie said: “A combination of a lack of variety, inconvenience with small children and high prices tend to put me off shopping in the small shops.

“We have loads of butchers and bakers, charity shops and ‘present’ shops, yet no grocer! One farmers market a month just isn’t practical for buying local fruit and veg.”

Rhona Guild said: “Kirriemuir has a great shopping centre, with the ability to get unusual gifts. Great card shop and florists. It’s handy and while it may be a little dearer it saves fuel and delivery charges.”

Arlene Walker had the last word, she said: “Shop local folks, you will be pleasantly surprised, quality meat etc. from your butcher or farm shop goes much further and tastes much better. It’s the local supplier that will go a little further to give you better customer service.”