Mini-moto warning

MINI motor cyclists are being warned that they face prosecution if they use tiny bikes on public roads, creating a safety hazard.

The warning comes after a Forfar man was sent to prison for 60 days and banned from driving for two years at Forfar Sheriff Court.

Paul Hosie (aged 25) of Glenclova Terrace, admitted that on July 4 in Glenclova Terrace and on Glenmoy Terrace he drove a mini moto dangerously, drove at excessive speed, mounted a pavement and drove into the path of two pedestrians who had to take action to avoid being struck.

He further admitted that on the same day he drove while disqualified, without insurance and failed to stop.

While Hosie’s solicitor said it was “not the worst case of dangerous driving” that had ever come before the court, Sheriff Kevin Veal said the consideration to be made was the potential for risk as opposed to the actual facts of what occurred.

Jailing Hosie for 60 days, the sheriff pointed out that he had six previous convictions for driving while disqualified.