Mind over matter for Muriel and Kelly

Muriel Stewart taking part in the fire walk for the MS Society.
Muriel Stewart taking part in the fire walk for the MS Society.

A Forfar woman has taken part in a sponsored fire-walk to raise funds for the MS Society.

Muriel Stewart (42), who was diagnosed with the condition in 1999 and who was pensioned out of her job at The Gables in Forfar last year, rose to the challenge in what has proved to be an incredible personal achievement.

Muriel and her friend, Kelly Martin, signed up for the challenge which took place outside the Overgate shopping centre earlier this month.

Muriel had wanted to do some sort of fund-raiser for some time and when the opportunity arose to walk over the burning embers, she did not hesitate to put her name down.

After two hours of intensive training, she and Kelly stepped out to walk 20 feet across burning embers at around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Muriel said: “The training was intense and it really was all about mind over matter. At the end I just felt elated.

“When I was first diagnosed with M.S. I thought ‘I have M.S. and I can’t do anything.’ Now I feel I have M.S. and I can do anything.

“It has affected by mobility, I can’t walk any distance and I was pensioned off from my job at The Gables last year. I loved my job and it was such a shame.

“But I want to get the message to people with M.S. to stay strong and don’t let it beat you. It is hard going at times but keep going.”

Muriel and Kelly’s effort raised nearly £400 which has been added to the money raised by the 23 others, making a total of over £4,000 for the MS Society.

Elspeth White, area fund-raiser for MS Society in Scotland said: “We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the generous organisations and individuals who continuously help us with their fund-raising efforts. Without their hard work, we wouldn’t be able to provide much-needed support for people with MS and their families.”