Mike Weir’s cautious welcome to delivery charges

Angus M.P. Mike Weir.
Angus M.P. Mike Weir.

Angus MP Mike Weir has given a cautious welcome to the announcement of new guidelines in respect of parcel delivery charges but called for stronger action to ensure “ridiculous inequalities” were tackled.

Responding to an announcement of a code of practice from the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, Mr Weir said shoppers in rural areas of Scotland would still face excess charges.

He said: “Whilst I am pleased the UK government is now catching up, more needs to be done to ensure consumers in rural areas get a fair deal.

“Despite the fanfare of its launch what we have is guidance only and an obligation to show delivery charges at an earlier stage of an online transaction, it does nothing to actually tackle the ridiculous inequities in the costs of delivery.

“Consumers and businesses in rural areas such as Angus still face higher charges than those in more urban areas.

“Nor does it challenge the ridiculous situation that rural areas which lie between major urban areas still face higher charges or refusal of deliveries due to their postcodes, as can happen in some areas of Angus.

“Although the new guidelines are a step forward much more needs to be done.”