Memorial is fine as it is says Forfar Community Council

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Forfar Community Council has spoken out against suggestions that the Balmashanner War Memorial could be made to stand out more.

As printed in last week’s Dispatch and Herald, a local man had called on Angus Council to clear the area around the memorial in order to make the iconic landmark stand out more during the First World War commemorations.

John Whitton suggested that clearing the trees from the “hidden” memorial would give an unobstructed view of the monument - thus emphasising the sacrifice made by the men of Forfar and District.

Mr Whitton said that clearing the area would “permit an unobstructed daytime view of it and allow the installed floodlights to show it fully during darkness.”

But the community council confirmed they did not agree with that assessment.

Isobel Ross, chairwoman of Forfar Community Council, said: “I like the trees as they are.”

It was also commented that some work on trees had recently taken place with some clearing having been done.

Another council member said that she felt removing more trees would inhibit the view of the memorial, because the current backdrop is so striking.

However it was also suggested that the path opposite the memorial is in more urgent need of tidying up.

Angus Council remains keen to hear from the local community as per their thoughts on the matter by calling 08452 777 778.