Love food hate waste at East and Old

Susan, the Rev Barbara Ann and Elizabeth on Saturday evening.
Susan, the Rev Barbara Ann and Elizabeth on Saturday evening.

Friends of Forfar East & Old Parish Church held a very successful ‘Love Food/Hate Waste’ evening on Saturday.

Elizabeth McLeod and Susan Forbes prepared seven dishes together in the sanctuary chancel area and excited the audience’s taste-buds with portions given out throughout the evening.

The idea was to highlight the food mountain that we throw out each week, mainly fruit, vegetables and bread, when we could utilise these leftovers in simple soups, main dishes and desserts by adding very cheap ingredients with minimum preparation time.

Among others there was lettuce and leek soup, cheesy toast melts, chicken and ham stroganoff, fish cakes, pineapple slice and lemon coconut slice.

Rev. Barbara Ann Sweetin compered while the cooking was going on, and with the aid of a microwave, hot plate, hand mixer, blitzer and a little backroom oven-baking the ladies produced a feast of tasty and nutritious food.

There was lots of advice and tips while they were cooking, and interaction with the onlookers. Some of the recipes were courtesy of the website - and all were available in print for the audience.

A face-recognition quiz of famous chefs was held during the intervals.

East & Old Church is an Eco-Congregation and this venture will count towards its second award.