Locals ‘toughest 5k’ success

A team of 18 local competitors took part in the Spartan Race at Dalmeny House, South Queensferry, last Sunday.

The race, billed as the ‘Toughest 5K on the Planet’, is multi terrain course with 25 insane obstacles challenging strength, stamina and teamwork.

The team, named “We Thought it was a Disco”, were pushed to their limits running through mud, beach sand and fire whilst carrying out physical challenges such as running up hills carrying sandbags, crawling under barbed wire, scaling walls and climbing ropes.

Most of the team prepared for the event by attending Bowen’s Bootcamp Academy, which takes place outside the Leisure Centre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings.

If you are interested in boosting your fitness in a fun environment please contact Wade Bowen on 07706412306.