Locals fear for a worsening situation

West High Street.
West High Street.

FORFAR people have met plans to close yet another main artery road in Forfar with dismay.

It was reported last week that residents and a businessman from South Street were calling for a rethink to the council’s plans to close the road for the two weeks prior to Christmas.

The debate has been buzzing on our facebook page this week so here are just a few of your thoughts.

Chris Twyman said: “Infrastructure is always important, but common sense is more important - one bit at a time.”

Scott Simpson said: “The council is obviously trying to spend their money before the end of the tax year.”

Nicki Thornton added: “They’re making Forfar into a mess.

“The Dundee Road and St James Road is a joke just now due to closures. What would normally take me two minutes is now taking me ten due to queuing traffic and especially at 5 pm there is no hope of turning right onto the Dundee road. The council really have not thought these works and diversions through properly at all.”

Fiona Thom said: “Soon we will be diverted to out of the town to then be diverted back into the town! Glamis Road, up the bypass then off at the Kirrie junction back into Forfar.

“It’s quicker than St James Road during busy times...”

Joe Harkin added: “I just hope the snow stays away, if it snows the work stops and the job goes on and on. Why can’t they just do one side of South Street and then the other. Might be even better if the people who orginise this work lived in Forfar and can relate to the problems this causes.”

Joanne Gerrard asked: “Why can’t they work a shift system, and work 24 hours a day to get it finished quicker!”