Local support for Help for Heroes charity as strong as ever

Kenny McAulay and Irene Farquhar are pictured collecting at Asda.
Kenny McAulay and Irene Farquhar are pictured collecting at Asda.

The people of Forfar and district have been praised for their generosity after donating more than £1,100 to forces charity Help for Heroes.

Shoppers at the local Asda store donated £1,178 over just three days which organiser Kenny McAulay said was “a fantastic sum.”

He said: “The people of Forfar and surrounding districts did us proud, and we must thank them for their continued support. It’s money much-needed to help the young men and women who have come back from Iraq and Afghanistan with life-changing injuries and will need care and support for the rest of their lives.

“Servicemen and women who served in the Balkans, the Falklands and Northern Ireland must not be forgotten, for they also need and deserve our help.”

Kenny added that, during the charity’s collection weekends, there are usually stories to test emotions and this one was no different.

He continued: “To the gentleman who discovered he didn’t have much in the way of change and didn’t have his wallet on him, who then decided to drive all the way home and come back some time later with a lovely donation, thank you.

“To the Mother and Brother of an ex-squaddie who has now moved to Australia after surviving two tours of Afghanistan, thank you for putting so much in our buckets and sharing your stories of what you went through when your son and brother was in so much danger.

“My thanks must also go to ASDA for their support, in particular Andrea Logan for sorting everything out for us and being so supportive. Alss Darren and his colleagues in security for helping us throughout the weekend.

“Special thanks go to Dawn Crighton, Irene Farquhar and Irena Krasinska-Lobban for giving up their weekend to make up our collection team.”

Information about the charity can be found at www.helpforheroes.org.uk