Local students join election broadcast

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The General Election is an extremely busy night for the news teams whose job it is to keep the public informed.

This year, two Robert Gordon University (RGU) Journalism students were a huge part of this process for Aberdeen City and Shire. Working for Sky News, Caitlin O’Callaghan (20) and Jack Milner (22) were involved in an unprecedented use of 138 live internet streams, to broadcast simultaneously from more electoral counts than ever before.

Caitlin, from Kirriemuir, said: “Thursday night was a great experience, I really enjoyed myself. I was working a small camera where I was feeding live coverage to Sky News where they showed 150 constituencies on a screen. I believe you were able to go into the constituency you belong to and watch the streaming of it on the Sky News website.

“I was also entering the numbers of the votes as they were coming in into the results app - giving immediate updates as each area was declared, which included Banff and Buchan, Gordon, and Aberdeenshire west and Kincardine.

“It was a really good learning experience. Other news teams were there and I found the excitement really infectious, everyone around you is buzzing with excitement and you can’t help but get caught up in it all, especially when Alex Salmond walked in.”

Last week was the second time Jack, a fourth year Journalism student at RGU’s Aberdeen Business School, had been involved in streaming a count for Sky News.

In September last year he was also tasked with providing a live stream of the Referendum results and he jumped at the chance of being involved again for the General Election. He said: “I had to provide a live stream of the count and all the declarations. I was next to other news channels and there was radio and print media floating around too, so while the camera was streaming I was able to watch and learn how the pros do their work. The interaction with industry and the practical experience I gained has been invaluable.”