Local people say they have had enough

WITH the level of roadworks in Forfar currently sky high and set to increase in the coming weeks we asked you how you are coping with all the works and diversions throughout the town.

Here are just a selection of your responses.

Some, such as Paula Ramsay, are irritated by the attitudes of fellow road users during the disruptions, she said: “I’m fed up of people trying to queue jump in the Glamis Road.

“Drivers don’t seem to realise we’re stopped for a reason but the drivers wanting to turn up Dundee Loan decide they’re going to skip the queue.

“Only by the time they realise that we’re stopped before the west port to allow drivers come up the slip road from Craig o’Loch road, it’s too late then there are problems trying to squeeze through between the residents legally parked and the queue jumper.”

Others feel that the St James Road area is the biggest problem.

Pierre Bernard said: “St James Road is nightmare already and it will only get worse next week. I predict grid-lock there.”

Ewan Phillip feels that the entire town is suffering because of the closed roads, he said: “Other streets which aren’t made to cope with that amount of traffic are having to deal with the strain.Along Old Halkerton and down Westfield Loan is getting very, if not too busy!”

The resounding consensus is that the council should have planned the works better.

Lauren Robertson said: “It should have been sorted long before now but yet again Angus Council at its finest have decided to wait so potential snow and frost can cause even more havoc. Ridiculous.

Terry Ferguson added: “Angus Council can’t even be bothered to fill pot holes even if you phone and tell them about it, so why should we expect them to get roadworks right? It is a total nightmare to shut the main crossing and to make it worse they are going to last even longer now.”

Some are being philosophical about the matter such as Arlene Walker, she said: “I have driven through several times this week and roadworks are a necessary evil, inconvenient yes, but if you are in a hurry you can avoid them (unless you live in them).”