Local people are disgusted by rubbish

Rubbish found at a local Angus beauty spot.
Rubbish found at a local Angus beauty spot.

A DISPATCH reader has highlighted the grim state of our country roads after managing to fill a whole bin-bag full of rubbish at a local beauty spot.

With hopes that by highlighting the problem others might think twice about littering Jonathen Smith said that a prime beauty spot with stunning views of the county was an absolute disgrace because of the amount of litter dumped there. He’s not the only one to express his disgust as readers took to our Facebook page in their droves to say their view. Lynne Tyrie said: “It only takes seconds to put it in the bin like everything else without spoiling our lovely landscape, people have no respect.”

Kimberley Stewart added: “I stay beside Inverarity and come the Lour way back from Forfar. A few weeks back I counted four empty tins of Red Bull in just over a mile. We also get a lot of plastic bags and general rubbish and it is a bit dishearting.”

Garry Robertson added: “This problem won’t get any better. It’s up to the people themselves to make others feel bad about dropping litter. It’s like a lot of other things, and having a rant at councils will not make it any better. They can provide hundreds of bins but people will still litter. Sad, but true.”

A spokeswoman for Angus Council said: “Designated council officers are authorised to issue fixed penalty fines for littering, but we need the community to assist us by reporting these offences and identifying the culprits.

“We would urge residents to report littering via ACCESSLine on 08452 777 778.”