Local man hits back at turbine groups

Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines

A Lunanhead man has hit back at a wind turbine protest group claiming that they do not have the best interests of the community at heart.

Ken Stewart contacted the Dispatch and Herald to express his concern that the Stop Turbines at Lunanhead (STAL) group had no interest in potential investment to the town.

The comments come on the back of a potential wind farm development at Carse Grey Estate, near Lunanhead.

Mr Stewart said: “I have lived in Lunanhead for 20 years and until the turbines were spoken about I had never seen or spoken any of the group until they turned up at the Community Council meeting in a drove with one thing in mind.

“This is a small minority who have no interest in the activities or organisations in the village .”

Mr Stewart cites both local and national polls as proof that many are in favour of turbines, both in general and in the Lunanhead area.

He continued: “The biggest gripe of the group seems to be that some people will make money from the development.

“This is an investment and anyone who puts money into any investment hopes to make a profit regardless if it is big machine or wee shop. A donation will go to the community calculated on the amount of power generated this be a help to the village , not as one of the objectors called it ‘Blood Money’.”

Susan Oliphant, chairwoman of STAL was disappointed with Mr Stewart’s claims. She said: “Mr Stewart’s comments are insulting, especially as members of the STAL are local business owners, who encourage investment in the local area as well as being local residents.

“If Mr Stewart believes STAL represents a ‘small minority’ of residents he is in for a rude awakening when the objections and petition land on the planners’ desks.

“He seems to have had a memory loss that a Scottish Government Reporter recently rejected a smaller windfarm scheme only 200 metres away from the current proposal. Angus Council also objected.

“His other comments are insulting to the many residents who carry out unsung work in the community.”