Local award recipients

The Edinburgh Angus Club was formed in 1840, and instituted by Royal Warrant in 1841.

Originally designed to support Angus students studying in Edinburgh University, it has over the years widened its remit to support outstanding senior students in the high schools and academies across Angus, and four in Dundee, proceeding to higher education, and more recently the lady members have established a further award to a student in further education in the Angus College.

Each year, the club disburses some £2000 in prizes, awarded at the summer reception and awards ceremony, held usually at one of the stately homes across Angus or similar venue, and hosts an annual dinner for the members of the club, this year at The New Club, Princes Street, Edinburgh.

The 2012 summer reception and awards ceremony was held at The Botanic Gardens of the University of Dundee last Saturday, with the principal guest being the Depute Lord Provost of Dundee.

Councillor Christina Roberts presented the awards and spoke to the prize-winners, their family members and school representatives.

Local prize-winners were as follows:- Forfar Academy - Erin Bertam (Dux of Geography), Scott Kemp (Dux of History), Calum Innes and Murray Caird (Dux of the School, joint).

Webster’s High School - Rory Dyce (Proxime Accessit) and Alice Durham (Dux of the School).