Local appeal for Nepal crisis

A Forfar artist has been so moved by the suffering caused by the earthquake in Nepal that she is putting forward her own work to raise funds to help relief efforts.

Issy Valentine visited Nepal a few years ago and was so struck by the country that on her return home she created a painting depicting the rooftops of Kathmandu. She now intends to enter the painting in a prize draw during the forthcoming Angus Open Studios events.

Unlike normal prize draws, however, entry will be by donation to a charity that is providing direct aid in Nepal.

Issy said: “I was devastated to see the destruction of these heritage sites and so many people killed in the earthquake.

“It was such a beautiful and inspiring place, and the people we met so kind, gentle and welcoming, with a great sense of humour.

“When I returned I created my painting ‘Rooftops Nepal’ and while the stupa remains, many of the rooftops have crumbled.

“I now want to donate this painting to raise funds for the disaster. I’m asking for donations and anyone passing their contact details to me at same time can be entered in a draw to win it.”

All funds raised will go to the charity Seven Women, which is run by the niece of one of Issy’s friends. While it usually provides support for disabled and single women, it has suspended fund-raising for its own projects and is diverting all donations and its energies into helping the relief operation which is dealing with almost half a million displaced people amid a crumbling infrastructure.

Issy added: “A lot of the women who come to them come from near the epicentre and they’re hoping to get up there and help out as soon as they can.”

The open studio event runs from May 14 to 18 and Issy will be inviting visitors to her studio to make a donation, which can also be done online at http://sevenwomen.org/aboutus/earthquake-relief-fund