Little sign of alcohol-free zone!

MEMBERS of Forfar Community Council were left bemused last week when the signs went up for the town centre alcohol-free zone, writes Janet Thomson.

They had been consulted on the alcohol-free zone, which came in to place last November, and on numerous occasions had discussed problems regarding a certain element of the public who congregated at the Cross. Last May chairman Mrs Isobel Ross called for the introduction of such a zone be speeded up after repeated complaints from residents regarding anti-social behaviour in the area. The council had also been instrumental in setting up the “Noise Annoys” campaign a few years ago following complaints from town centre residents who were being disturbed in the early hours of the morning by those leaving the Royal nightclub.

At their meeting last Thursday evening members asked when the signs were to go up advising of the new alcohol-free zone, to be informed they had been erected but were considerably smaller than expected.

Mrs Ross said: “The alcohol-free zone has been in operation since November but where are the signs? The ones in Dundee are like road signs.”

Members agreed they had found it difficult to see the new signs with Angus Councillor Glennis Middleton commenting: “If we haven’t seen them then very few people will have seen them.” She believed there was to be an official launch of the alcohol-free zone which would have involved community council.

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The signage is the standard size used in other burghs and there are currently no plans to put up any larger signs in Forfar. The council is of course happy to discuss the matter further with the community council if they wish to do so.”