Licence for group

EASY Walkers’ Daryl Beech is pleased to announce that the animal re-homing and care group have received a licence from Angus Council.

Last week, two inspectors visited the Easy Walkers premises and were pleased with what they found. Daryl said: “Someone had complained about us not being licensed but I was not even aware that we needed a licence but I was more than happy to go along with the checks the council needed to do.”

The licence costs £87 initially and will need to be renewed each year. However, Daryl is pleased with the support the group has received from kind-hearted donors and the cost of the licence has already been matched.

Meanwhile, Daryl is preparing for his next fund raising and awareness event.

On Friday, August 19 he will be locked down in a dog cage situated in Dundee City Square to raise awareness about dogs in kennels throughout Scotland. He hopes that he will encourage people to rescue a dog instead of buying a puppy.

A street collection will also be held in aid of Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, Dundee in memory of Daryl’s grandmother who died in 1999 from the disease.

Anyone who would like to support Daryl can make a donation through the new Easy Walkers website at or see him on the day between 6am and 6pm.