“Let’s get Kirriemuir cleaned up!”

A DEDICATED community councillor is planning to stage a community clean up in the Maryton area of Kirriemuir.

Cathy Stephenson, who stays in Maryton, is part of the Kirriemuir community council and is “fed up” of the abundance of litter that collects along the grass verges between Maryton and Kirrie (Beechwood Place).

Last Thursday, Cathy collected a total of three bin bags of rubbish on the 500 metre stretch of road and proceeded to sort out the litter.

Amongst the items found were enough cans to fill a quarter of a bin bag, plastic bottles, milk cartons, cigarette packets, crisp packets, shattered glass and glass bottles of alcohol, lunch containers, a wheel trim and even a prop-shaft from a lorry.

She worked out that there was around 18 months worth of rubbish littering the area.

Cathy frequently takes her dogs, Dicey and Schilling, for walks in the area and is concerned for both her dogs and other people’s dogs with the broken glass and other items the dogs could pick up.

She said: “Dicey is a ‘natural Womble’ and will often pick up litter. I am worried about their pads and also what they could potentially find.

“It will be nice to be able to walk the dogs without worrying.”

Cathy makes handmade containers out of milk bottles for handling bits of shattered glass and all who take part in the community clean up will be provided with one of these bottles.

Cathy would like to encourage people in the community to join her on her venture to get the area cleaned up and looking presentable, clean and tidy.

If you are interested in taking part in a community clean up operation you can contact Cathy on 07515 400936 or visit the Kirriemuir community council’s Facebook page via www.facebook.com/kirriemuircommunitycouncil and leave a message.

Providing the response is good, Cathy plans on organising the community clean up by the end of May.

She added: “If people can show their interest within the next fortnight, that would be great.

“We can hopefully plan on doing the collection towards the end of May.”

And for those pondering the idea of doing a community clean up, Cathy commented: “If we don’t help ourselves nobody else is going to!”