Lend a voice to Angus Folk Museum

National Trust for Scotland
National Trust for Scotland

Conservation charity, the National Trust for Scotland is searching for a volunteer to sing in support of the Angus Folk Museum in Glamis.

The charity is revamping the information for visitors at the Angus heritage site and is looking for a female volunteer with a lovely singing voice to come forward to be recorded singing a lullaby in lowland Scots.

The museum tells the story of the people of Angus’s rural work and traditions over the past 200 years. Its fascinating collection provides a vivid insight into the realities of rural life in this fertile and fascinating part of Scotland.

As part of a project to improve the way the museum is presented, new aural soundscapes are being installed in parts of the museum.

The sounds of a crackling coal fire, ticking clock and background music will add to the visitor experience, bringing how families lived in cottages like this throughout Angus to life.

The lullaby will be used as part of the sensitive improvements being made to Madge’s Room in the 18th century cottages.

Property manager John McKenna said: “The Angus Folk Museum tells an important part of this area’s story.

“We are keen to get local people involved in our work to update the way we present the museum and hope that a local singer will come forward to help with our project.

“It’s a great opportunity to celebrate our local history and to make a contribution to keeping that heritage alive.

“The new soundscapes, although subtle, will add a great deal of atmosphere to the museum, helping to transport our visitors back in time and to gain a greater understanding of the country folk of Angus’s way of life on the land.”

Volunteers interested in singing for the new soundscape are asked to contact Tom Ingrey-Counter on 0777 851 7173/ tingrey-counter@nts.org.uk.

Angus Folk Museum is open from 12 noon until 5 pm daily throughout August and on weekends until October 31