Laura’s efforts for children with arthritis

Laura Davidson.
Laura Davidson.

A young Forfar woman is all set for a personal triathlon challenge to raise funds for the Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children.

Laura Davidson (22), who has just completed a BA in History at Stirling University, has put behind her own medical condition to run, swim and cycle her way to supporting SNAC, a parent run charity that supports children who suffer from arthritis, and their families.

Laura, who has been diagnosed with arthritis in her wrists, had set herself the personal challenge of raising £500 - and at the time of going to press on Tuesday (yesterday) she received pledges of £599.

On her Just Giving page, Laura explains she has had joint problems since she was very young.

She said: “I was always told it was growing pains that would pass. Well I am now 22 and I have had four surgeries so I am pretty sure I stopped growing a while ago!

“When I was younger I suffered from hyper mobility, which affects a lot of people. However only a small number of sufferers have pain with the condition. Unfortunately I am one of those and for many years my knees would dislocate once or twice a month, sometimes all it took was for me to put my foot down the wrong way.

“Fortunately I was put in touch with a fantastic surgeon who found the solution. It was a lot of work but 18 months later and my knees are much better. I still have pain but there have been no more dislocations (touch wood!)

“Unfortunately my knees aren’t my only problem and it looks like the next few months are going to include more surgery on my wrists which are extremely painful and very restricting in the movements I can make.

“However, enough of the sob story. I decided to utilise my newly mobile knees. When I tell people I have arthritis in my wrists and a joint condition they usually look at me funny and say ‘Oh you are far too young for that’, which is completely untrue.

“I want to raise awareness that joint conditions and chronic pain don’t only affect older people - they also affect children and young adults.

“It is going to be extremely hard but I am very much looking forward to the challenge.”

More details on the Scottish Network for Arthritis in Children can be viewed on the charity’s website on