Launch of scheme

A national rewards scheme aimed at encouraging and incentivising young people to participate in positive activities which will benefit themselves and their local communities has been launched.

Developed by Young Scot, supported by the Scottish Government and locally by NHS Tayside and Dundee City Council, Young Scot Rewards encourages participants aged 11 to 26 to earn reward points by participating in activities such as eating healthily, volunteering, taking part in sports and giving up smoking.

The Young Scot Rewards scheme is the first of its kind in Europe and enables young people to collect points for participating in activities that contribute to their own personal, social or educational development, improve their health or wellbeing and engage them as active citizens while benefiting other people, communities or the environment.

Launching the scheme in Tayside, NHS Tayside Chairman Sandy Watson said: “Young Scot have to be congratulated on this scheme. From an NHS Tayside perspective, health is a crucial dimension to Young Scot Rewards. It’s inconceivable to have a national scheme which does not acknowledge the potential of rewards as a means of helping young people to better health.”

The points are collected through the Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) which can then be redeemed against rewards such as discounts on days out, buy one get one free on driving lessons and discounted cinema tickets, clothing and gym memberships. Rewards are ‘unlocked’ based on the number of points collected by the card holder. The more points they have, the better the rewards they will be entitled to. This will include enhanced discounts and offers as well as a limited number of ‘money can’t buy’ experiences. In the future, participants will also be able to collect points using a mobile phone app.

To find out more about the scheme and to apply for a Young Scot National Entitlement Card, visit