Latest grant applications

ANGUS Council have received a number of grant requests from community groups in the local area.

The grants are used by the groups to generate much needed funds so that they can carry on with their activities.

In Brechin, St Drostans Episcopal Church have asked for £800 to go towards the refurbishment of the existing Ladies loo and shower room to make an “Ambulant Disabled WC/Shower Room” and a separate “WC and Shower”. This is required as the only facilities which are currently available to the less able are part of an en-suite facility within a twin room. The grant is necessary to meet make the facility more attractive to users and meet current expectations.

Angus-wide group, Angus Mountain Bike Trails Association, have requested £3,996 for training volunteers to take groups cycling and mountain biking within the county. The money would also go towards the development of a cycling programme within schools with the support of Angus Active Schools.

It is hoped that the award of the grant will widen the interest and involvement in mountain biking in Angus.

The Charleston Pre-School Playgroup have requested £1,806.90 which will go towards a laptop, printer and projector with screen for children.

It would also go towards the purchase of a laptop and dictation machines for staff to use to assist in running the playgroup.

Another Angus wide group, the Angus Jubilee Fund requires £3,284 to go towards food and barbecue for a hill walk in the Angus Glens for 80 disadvantaged people.

The walk is being held as part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations for young people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to take part in such an activity.

In Brechin the Caledonian Railway has requested £5,000 which will go towards the cost of building a carriage repair shed to maintain the coaches regardless of the weather.

The Railway attracts 19,000 visitors each year and this project will lead to increased capacity and consistency of service by eventually bringing more rolling stock and locomotives into service.

The amount is recommended as the group made a significant input of volunteer labour while half of their costs are already met by the group themselves.