Kirriemuir author unleashes a zombie

KIRRIEMUIR author Emma Pawley is thrilled to announce the publication of her first book - ‘The Terrible Tale of Zombie Pussy’.

Influenced by the likes of world famous author and filmmaker Tim Burton, Emma has created a new anti-heroine, Zombie Pussy, which she describes as the terrible cat which died yet remained.

The story centres around a little zombie cat that was discarded by her family and left to wander the world alone. Feeling abandoned and angry at the people she thought really loved her, she decides, with malice in her heart, to take revenge on the living souls that pretended to care for her.

Emma said: “It is a story for anyone who has ever felt out of place or alone.

“For the people who will be themselves and not hide the beauty of being different. This story embraces individuality and the strength of showing who you are until the end.

“This book is the story of a life - an undead life - but a life nontheless.”

The book, aimed at teens and adults, is a short fiction written in verse with full illustration throughout.

Emma said: “I have been working on it for almost two years so to have it finished is extremely exciting and fulfilling for me.

“I’ve been interested in the darker side of life for quite some time now and zombies seem to be very ‘in’ at the moment on TV and in films so that’s where my inspiration came from.

“It’s written entirely in verse because I find it easier to write that way, I write a lot of poetry anyway. I also get bored very easily so writing in verse suits me.”

Emma not only wrote the book she also took care of all of the illustrations herself. She admits: “The illustrations were the hardest bit, the writing only took about a week then the rest of the time was taken up with the drawings.”

Now with her first book published, Emma has high hopes for the future and is already planning to publish her own poetry volumes and build on the Zombie Pussy brand.

She added: “Writing and art is my passion and something I will continue to do until the day I die.”

Look out for Emma at the upcoming ‘Live in the Den’ event on August 20 where she will be selling her own merchandise for the book including the books themselves, t-shirts, stickers, badges and cards.

You can buy the book direct from Emma or from the publishers at or search for ‘Zombie Pussy’ on Facebook.