Kirrie cyclist to travel length of UK for charity

A Kirriemuir cyclist is set to undertake the mammoth challenge of travelling from John O’Groats to Land’s End by bicycle in the name of charity.

Antony Baduns, 45, will tackle the 965-mile trek in a bid to raise around £1000 for Cyclists Fighting Cancer, a charity that provides children and young people affected by cancer with new bikes, tandems and specially adapted trikes throughout the UK.

The air traffic controller, who will be riding alongside friend Stuart, said he wanted to give disadvantaged children the opportunities to ride a bike that he was afforded as a kid.

He said: “I think madness motivated me to do this to be honest! It was actually my friend’s idea because he fancied a bit of a challenge. He asked me to come along with him and it came out of the blue really as a fun thing to do, and the charity part gives us more motivation. Hopefully a charity gains from it, that’s the main reason.

“The selection of this charity wasn’t motivated from anything I’ve experienced. We support various charities anyway but I wanted to do something slightly different.

“I came across an article in a cycling magazine about the charity and I thought, because it was helping kids who won’t get the opportunity that I had as a kid or others might have had to ride a bike, it sounded a really good cause. It’s only a fairly small charity but it does help children throughout Britain.”

Antony, originally from Sussex but a Kirrie resident for almost a decade, is a keen cyclist but admits he has never done anything quite on this scale before, other than a charity ride from Dundee to Inverness a few years ago.

That has left Antony with quite the task in front of him and he has been working hard every day for the last 14 months to try and get his stamina up to the required standard.

He continued: “I wouldn’t say I’m an accomplished cyclist. I’ve been cycling from an early age but I haven’t done anything major before, except a charity ride three or four years ago between Dundee and Inverness. I keep my hand in but I’m nothing fantastic or major.

“I’ve been in training for over a year, trying to get my distances and stamina up. It’ll be over 10 days from Saturday, May 10. It’s going to be a real slog.”

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