Keep dogs under control

TAYSIDE Police have issued a reminder to dog owners of their responsibilities in relation to the control of dogs following a recent incident at Inverkeillor where a number of sheep were killed and numerous more injured.

Constable Ally Smith told members of Forfar Community Council that under the Animals (Scotland) Act 1987, a farmer, in some cases, has the right to shoot a dog if it is worrying his livestock.

He said: “Sheep worrying is one of the most notorious crimes that a pet dog can commit. Sheep worrying and its serious consequences will leave any dog owner numb. Could your dog, gentle and loyal, be capable of such cruel and vicious attacks - yes. Regardless of size, breed or temperament, all dogs pose a potential danger to livestock.”

He advised dog owners to consult the Country Code of Practice. It advises owners to have their dog on a lead when near livestock, hens, horses, sheep or cattle, and never leave the dog unattended.

Familiarise your dog to livestock before visiting rural, animal-populated areas. Train puppies at a young age (before 12 weeks), and allow them to socialise with other animal species.